Pielstick 4.2 Parts Available

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Applied Energy Corporation can furnish the following Pielstick 4.2 parts:

Here is a list of Pielstick PC 4 parts we have available:
PC4.2 V570 Cylinder Head
PC4.2 V570 Exhaust Valve
PC4.2 V570 Intake Valve
PC4.2 V570 Roto Cap
PC4.2 V570 Cylinder Liner
PC4.2 V570 Connecting Rod
PC4.2 V570 Piston - Crown & Skirt
PC4.2 V570 Piston Pin
PC4.2 V570 Piston Pin Bushing
PC4.2 V570 Piston Ring Sets
PC4.2 V570 Main Bearing
PC4.2 V570 Connecting Rod Bearing
PC4.2 V570 Fuel Injection  Pumps & Injectors
T014869 Cylinder Liner Kit
T107419 Eccentric
T12611346 Bearing Assy Conn Rod
T12612106 Ring Compression
T210195 Ring Exhaust
T56853 Exhaust Valve
T56875 Cylinder Liner Kit
Woodward Governors available:
PGA Governor RPM 300-1010
UG32 Governor 
UG40  Governor p/n 8537-229

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Jim Randono, Vice President

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